What is EHS Software?

EHS (Environmental, health, and safety) software helps companies to reduce risks and comply with appropriate EHS regulations. These include different governmental, local, and international regulations, along with ISO compliance principles. The solution assists companies to improve their management and regulatory compliance in multiple ways.

EHS software plays an important role in many industries. It can help companies to put a robust safety program in place. The software provides a number of benefits for organizations including reducing risks linked with environmental regulations, minimizing the firm's environmental impact, and enhancing workplace safety for employees. Start by checking our leader Intelex, and other recommended solutions in this category.

EHS Software

Top 10 Most Popular EHS Software

Intelex reviews

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 90%

Intelex is the one-stop solution to advance your EHS standards and compliance compatibility. Read Reviews

Medgate reviews

Our Score 7.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Medgate is a web based software solution that is fully stacked with features to enhance the environmental, safety, and health standards at workplaces. Read Reviews

Enablon EHS reviews
Enablon EHS

Our Score 8.4

User Satisfaction 100%

Enablon is the world’s leading provider of Sustainability, EHS and Operational Risk Management Software. Read Reviews

EtQ Reliance reviews
EtQ Reliance

Our Score 8.2

User Satisfaction 100%

EtQ is the leading Quality, EHS, Food Safety and Compliance software for identifying, mitigating and preventing high-risk events through integration, automation and collaboration. Read Reviews

Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate reviews
Pro-Sapien HSEQ Innovate

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Developed with heavily regulated sectors in mind, Pro-Sapiens HSEQ Innovate harnesses the Microsoft SharePoint or Azure/Office 365 based platforms. Read Reviews

Field iD reviews
Field iD

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Ensuring safety at workplaces will not only reduce liabilities but will also reduce your costs. Read Reviews

EMEX reviews

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Environment, Health & Safety system to reduce failures and increase compliance for better safety, risk and incident management. Read Reviews

ECAT reviews

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 99%

ECAT is a versatile and simple to use audit management software. Top choice for global organizations managing entire audit lifecycle in one centralized system. Read Reviews

SafetyCulture reviews

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 100%

SafetyCulture is a company that provides solutions to transform your inspections with smart, mobile forms. Read Reviews

Pervidi reviews

Our Score 8.0

User Satisfaction 100%

Pervidi is a very rich and robust inspection software designed to streamline and automate inspection work by automating all inspection processes as well as audits and safety checks. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best EHS Software

EHS (Environmental, health, and safety) software tools help organizations to minimize risks and comply with appropriate EHS regulations. Therefore, this solution is becoming an essential part of company business models. But how do you do educated comparisons to select the best EHS software for small business and large organizations from the numerous available programs? This buyer’s guide gives you a quick primer on what to look for and what to avoid to help you pick the best EHS software for your company’s needs.

Get to know each product with free trial

We advise you to start your search by checking out the free trials or demo offered by leading EHS software providers. This will enable you to test drive each system’s list of features and decide if they match your requirements. You can find out whether the following popular EHS software platforms offer a free trial: Gensuite, Incy.io, EHS SmartStart, Papertrail, and IsoMetrix. The applications have received high rankings in our EHS software reviews that you can peruse to get a good comparison. 

Targeted Businesses

Companies in all industries need to offer a secure working environment, so EHS software can be used in almost any organization. The solution can help to analyze risk, establish safety protocols, and perform equipment inspections. The following industries commonly use EHS software:

  • Manufacturing, mining, construction, oil and gas – Workers in these industries slog in hazardous conditions, so companies need to have good safety policies for both employees and equipment.
  • Food and beverage – These companies need to meet industry quality regulations and standards. EHS software can help in audits and material inspections.
  • Utilities – Power supply providers usually have a big impact on the environment. They can use EHS software to track the reduction of carbon emissions and other green projects.
  • Healthcare, government, aviation, and aerospace – These companies can store confidential data securely in the cloud or on their own systems.

What are Examples of EHS Software?

  • Gensuite: 65 + EHS software apps with intuitive interface for executive and functional teams. You can deploy fast worldwide in multiple languages, on all devices.
  • Incy.io: A cloud-based incident reporting and management solution that is designed to simplify and semi-automate the process of managing, reporting, and following up on incidents, hazards, and injuries. Different packages are offered for a range of business sizes and functions.
  • EHS SmartStart: Flexible EHS management software solutions for compliance, risk, audit, and incident. The advantages are fast implementation and zero upfront costs.
  • Papertrail:  Simplifies safety inspections and compliance. Papertrail is a leading business information solution that mitigates risk, minimizes expenses, and enhances operational efficiency.
  • IsoMetrix: A single system for your business risk, governance, and legal compliance requirements. IsoMetrix offers a range of management and software solutions for GRC, HSE, and social sustainability.

Types of EHS Software

  • Waste management tools: Many companies are focusing on “zero waste to landfill” policy. Waste management tools help to monitor the management, transport, and disposal of wastes in a single centralized solution.
  • Program management tools: This app helps to track EHS metrics in real-time, perform internal audits, and generate reports efficiently.
  • Compliance and reporting tools: Compliance and reporting are essential for an effective EHS management program. This tool helps you to meet compliance regulations and streamlines log reports.
  • Chemical inventory tools: This tool enables you to monitor the storage and use of dangerous chemicals to help you meet obligations and avoid violation of safety regulations.

Key Features of EHS Software

  • Environmental management – Produces sustainability and compliance reports for meeting regulation requirements regarding greenhouse gases, solid waste, wastewater etc.  Also offers environmental audits, measures greenhouse gas emissions, and helps to meet water discharge and air quality compliance.
  • Health management – Helps to monitor two main elements of employee health: occupational health and industrial hygiene. Health modules measure employee health data such as lung capacity and hearing levels. Hygiene modules track the chemical exposure levels of workers.
  • Safety management – Enables you to track work floor incidents, assess them, and take preventive action. Also offers training related to occupational hazards and work practices.
  • Hazardous material management – Offers scientific and regulatory content and safety data sheets to help you manage the logistics and use of dangerous materials.
  • Risk management – Uses methodologies to analyze processes that can lead to potential risks. Enables companies to streamline safety audits, analyze workplace hazards, track insurance policies, and develop plans for crisis response.

Benefits of EHS Software

  • Streamline data collection – You can log incident information using offline and online forms. The EHS system allows you to collect data flexibly, which helps you to respond quickly to new regulations and standards in reporting.
  • Mobile productivity – You can use mobile apps to enhance EHS management and reporting. Actions and tasks can be added and worked upon on the go, and the info is synced with the database when you go online.
  • Consistent reports – You can automate and improve the data collection process which provides higher quality and more accurate data. Plus, you can integrate historical data and use a centralized information database to generate more consistent reports. The integrated central system can also help to streamline your reporting process.
  • Compliance with regulations – You can meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) commitments and also collect data to report your company’s KPIs.

Latest Trends

Greater demand for risk management

Traditionally, EHS software applications were focused on compliance and provided features to monitor environmental hazards and maintain workplace safety. However, now companies are asking for more comprehensive suites that include integrated risk management functionality. To cater to this demand many EHS software vendors are buying firms or partnering with other providers to offer complete suites.

Increasing popularity of cloud-based software

Companies are favoring cloud-based apps because they offer advantages such as low upfront expenses and zero maintenance costs. Plus, you don’t have to worry about updates and upgrades. A hybrid approach is also becoming popular with organizations opting to host the software on their on-premise servers while backing up the data in the cloud for extra security.

Potential Issues

You should be aware of the following potential problems while using EHS software:

Partial compliance support

Only a few EHS software vendors support a wide range of language and regulations. Therefore, you should check with the provider to ensure they support the requisite standards and regulations before investing your money.

Security issues

Some companies may be worried whether cloud-based EHS systems can securely protect their sensitive data. Do your homework and select a vendor with a proven track record and reputation of using robust data security measures.

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